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Allie Nicole

E ver since I was a child, I have had a love and passion for "The Arts" and design. I was always creating things, drawing, painting, designing floorpans for my future "dream houses," doing makeup and hair for friends and family, painting and helping offer interior design ideas while still in high school. Early on, God had given me a vision that I was to have my own business using all this creativity and other gifts He had given me, but it seemed impossible and I was afraid of it. I didn't even know how to begin to go about it! Over the years as those passions evolved, I found myself working in different fields spanning from music, marketing, interior design, graphic design, high end event planning, retail, product development to hair, makeup and wardrobe styling for photo shoots...and more, where I began to collect a unique variety of experience and expertise which helped me develop my own personal style and fuel my passions. 

As I was preparing to attend college for Interior Design, music unexpectedly took center stage and I found myself suddenly immersed in the music and entertainment industry where I had several record deals and some amazing opportunities working with Disney, Sony, and other major companies, TV Shows, as well as performing different things including many pro sporting events. It was a far cry from what I ever expected, because I was the most painfully shy girl you would ever meet and I was always trying to run away from the spotlight, not be in it! I was the girl that would rather take a zero on a project in school, than get up and speak in front of the class...that painful! I always say music found me, I didn't go find music. That was ALL God!


Through the world of entertainment, I had also developed an eye for makeup, hair and clothing trends having been around it so much, in which I began styling for photo shoots for singers, dancers and actors in the Los Angeles area.


After 10 years I decided to take a breather from the music industry for a bit and worked with a high end event planning company doing weddings and big birthday bashes as well as a short stint at Disneyland before I stumbled into the world of marketing and graphic design. I had hands on experience from the music industry doing marketing and taught myself how to do graphic design and that creative artistic side naturally rose to the surface again. I was also handed the responsibility to do a complete remodel on the boutique at my place of employment. I was given a modest budget and transformed the entire space into a full fledged boutique from flea market finds and handled all the buying and merchandising. It led into product development for the different departments and staff apparel coordination, again feeding those passions and opening up new doors.

However, I felt a pull to get back to music and made a move to the Los Angeles area and got a similar job doing marketing again, but I became so busy there wasn't any time to do much else. I had lost sight of the vision. Then I got hit with some health issues and was forced to completely switch gears. I had to step back from everything and focus on my health. During this down time, it made me question a lot of things in my life and what I was supposed to be doing and how  some things would need to change, which made me reinvent my wheel. I remembered that vision to own my own business using these gifts and talents I was given. So I decided to turn that into a reality and go for it. It finally made sense after years of it seeming impossible.

I have been deemed a "Jill of Many Trades," and I am blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to explore my creativity in all I do. I still love to challenge myself and learn new things along this journey. I love to bring my ideas into fruition. The most important thing I have learned over the years in my life is that, life is short to be anything else but happy! So, my advice is be obedient to God and you will get to "do what you love"!

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