Interior Design, Home Staging & Events Inquiries

Looking to spruce up a room in your home, or maybe need some inspiration or help coordinating your style? Are you trying to achieve that popular farmhouse look that is all the rage, but not sure how to make it happen? Have you been wanting to change up your retail space to be more current, or do need help creating retail window display ideas that are creative and eye-catching? Do you need someone to merchandise your store into an inviting space to keep things fresh and up to date with the seasonal trends? Are you moving and need help staging your home to sell? Maybe you just simply need a piece of furniture redone to fit your room? Or maybe you need help coordinating a party or event. 

I have a long line of experience in both interior design, home staging and event planning. Before music took off, I was set to attend college for interior design. I always had a passion for it and took courses in both interiors and architecture. Over the years I have helped numerous people create special spaces and coordinated many events. I also have my certification in event planning. I worked with a high end event designer in Los Angeles as well as coordinating children's birthday parties. I also turned an out of date children's store into a stylish and classy children's boutique. So whatever your needs are, I can help you achieve your goals with great taste and impeccable style!

Please contact me and let me know about your project. REQUEST A QUOTE.