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Allie Nicole

A native of Southern California, Allie Nicole began her journey at the early age of two, when she began singing in the backseat of her Grandmother's car to Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. Much to her Grandmother's surprise, Allie was on pitch and it was then that her talent was realized. She was soon enrolled in voice lessons and so it began...


Ironically, Allie had horrible stage fright and suffered from severe shyness growing up, and wasn't interested in her talent being public knowledge. However life had other plans for her. It wasn't until junior high while living in rural Texas, that she came to terms with her voice and discovered what she was meant to do, but kept it a secret even practicing in private for fear her family would enroll her in competitions and encourage her to perform. It wouldn't be until a couple years later after she and her family moved back to California that Allie asked her Mom if she could have private voice training. Allie quickly began to blossom and gain her confidence as this well kept secret was headed for exposure.


A major turning point happened at a Saddleback Church event when Allie's friends encouraged her to sing karaoke, but she insisted only if her friends join her on stage. As Allie began belting out Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," her friends walked off the stage, leaving Allie to sing by herself. This caught the attention of some Saddleback Church Staff members who told Allie she should perform a solo for the youth group. Afraid, Allie declined and a week later she recieved a call from a church staff member asking for her music and giving her call times. The staff had gone behind Allie's back and put her on the schedule to sing in the High School Youth Ministry Group of 500+. Reluctantly, she accepted and it opened doors to join the High School Worship Band where she continued to sing.  The Musical Director for Saddleback Church's Main Congregation, Rick Muchow. He encouraged her to audition for the Magnification Team, a group of selected singers chosen by Rick to sing worship on the weekends and for community events. After being the youngest to make the group, she was taken under the wings of talented voices twice her age and became heavily influenced with Gospel, Pop and R&B styles.


As Allie was approaching graduating High School another friend who knew of Allie's voice, also went behind her back and brought her to the attention of the High School's Choir Director who was auditioning musical acts for the graduation ceremonies. Little did Allie know she found herself auditioning and accepting an invitation to sing a solo performance for graduation. As a graduation gift, Allie was given money by her entire family to record a demo in a local studio, which caught the ears of the studio owners and they asked her to work with them writing and recording, which led to years of studio experience and continued to push open doors.


Allie found herself in Bill Schnee's studio in Los Angeles and a whirlwind of opportunity was creating so much momentum that it landed Allie projects with some of the industry's top movers and shakers. Allie was soon offered her first record deal with an independent label through EMI, but the deal ended up falling through. Allie was offered several more production and record deals over the years including Sony Germany, none of which ended up being the right fit. She continued to be hopeful and was offered the opportunity to do some voiceovers for some shows in Walt Disney World. She was the voice of Luna for "Stitch's Supersonic Celebration" live show and lent her vocals to the lead guide vocals for "The American Idol Experience" attraction. Allie was simultaneously finding success performing the National Anthem for major sporting teams such as the Oakland A's, where she was always asked to sing each season for 5 years, as well as performing for the San Francisco Giants, LA Galaxy, Harlem Globetrotters at Honda Center where she sang for 4 consecutive years, Hollywood Park, and more. She also auditioned for American Idol two years in a row and made it to the executive producer rounds, as well as The Voice where she was invited two years in a row to audition for a VIP only audition. 

After taking some time off from pursuing a career as a recording artist, Allie continued songwriting and working in the recording studio mentoring other singers and teaching vocal lessons.


Allie credits her main musical inspirations to artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion, but grew up listening to a variety of musical genres including pop/r&b, country, praise & worship, jazz, gospel and even opera, which have all influenced her eclectic style. She is currently living in Nashville and working on new music.

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