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New Music Coming Soon!

After 15+ years of singing professionally, I took a hiatus from music for some health reasons and then felt like I needed to be doing more than what I was in CA. In the fall I moved from Los Angeles to Nashville and somehow I found myself back in the studio. A music genius and dear friend of mine, Matt Della Polla connected me with music extraordinaire, Chris Boardman who I met up with upon a visit to Nashville. He was so kind and gracious, helping me navigate my way again and helping me tap back into my love for music. Both have such legendary careers and I have been blessed to be in the company of such talent and true genuine souls. Also living in Nashville is my cousin Hilary and her husband Brad. Brad works out at the famous Dark Horse Studios which is this amazing recording studio that sits out in the country, in the middle of nowhere. People such as Faith Hill, Taylor Swift and other names have recorded there. Because of Brad's working there, I was able to get into the studio and record a 4 song cover demo. It's been years since I have recorded anything new. Also living in Nashville is my good friend Natalie whom I went to high school with and she told me I needed to be singing again and told me for Christmas she was paying for my studio time. Did I mention how blessed I am by amazing people in my life?

Quick side note...Since living in Nashville there is this red cardinal I kept seeing outside. I had never seen one in person, but kept seeing one. I have always heard that seeing them was a very good sign. My Grandpa passed years ago and I have always believed him to be near and showing himself in different ways. I've had birds visit me over the years in strange ways and so this red cardinal being here in Nashville felt like he had followed me here too, to let me know everything was going to be ok. The night before I went into the studio, I spoke to my Grandpa a silent prayer of sorts and said "If that is you, please show up in the morning when I go outside." He used to tell me his dream was to see my dreams come true and he was my biggest fan. He always wanted to hear what I was doing with music and was so proud. When he passed, I feel music just didn't quite mean the same, like I had let him down in not making it happen so he could see it. Well the morning of the studio I went out side and wouldn't you know it...I looked up in the sky and that cardinal flew in with grandest entrance you ever did see. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and there he sat, perched up ever so proudly. I knew he was there and I knew he had a front row seat that day.

I got to the studio and it was like getting back on a bicycle. I couldn't get enough, which was how it used to be whenever I was in the studio. I sang for about 8 hours and loved every moment. Chris Boardman came to lend his expertise and professional ear which was such a treat. He had beautifully rearranged three of the four songs I recorded and they were just perfect. It was such a highlight to sing live while he played piano on one of them since neither of us had done that in years. My friend Natalie and Brad were also there to show support. Now the songs are going through the mixing and mastering process and then I will share soon! After all these years, it does feel incredible to be back doing the things that make me happy!

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